2012 01 15 - Sunday, Theresa Smith's Story.  Theresa's 35-year old son, Caesar Cruz, was murdered by Anaheim Cops in December 2009.  That fateful day changed her life forever.  Listen to the story of this heroic mother who won't rest until she vindicates her son's murder.  Not only was her son executed by cops, but her honor and that of her family's has been tarnished by public servants and their media instruments.

June 18, 2012: John “Rogue” Herlihy@ 5pm PACIFIC, 7pm CENTRAL


Motorcycle Monday’s guest is the legendaryJohn “Rogue” Herlihy.  Rogue was inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame for his effective motorcycle-rights freedom fighting.  Here’s an excellent article by Bikers of America highlighting a few of Rogue’s accomplishments.

I met Rogue through Bikers of Lesser Tolerance about two years ago.  He is a fan of Dr. Martin Luther King’s work which inspired the article, Will Nevada See Helmet Choice: Lessons from Dr. King.

Rogue’s influence put me in contact with a key player in the African American motorcyclists’ community, Terry Hardy, my guest last week.

Please tune in to hear what Rogue has to say about motorcycle activism in America today.

Roaring for liberty,


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Monday, June 11, 2012

Motorcycle Monday 6/11/12: Terry Hardy, Founder, World of Soul MC @ 5pm PACIFIC, 7pm CENTRAL

Tonight, 5pm PT, 7pm CT, June 11, 2012

My special guest is Terry Hardy, an activist out of Chicago and founder of World of Soul Motorcycle Club – the largest motorcycle club of its kind. 

Terry is a left-leaning African American.  Why does his color and political persuasion matter for my Motorcycle Monday show?  Because Terry put his sacred honor on the line in an attempt to help Nevada riders get free from helmet bondage!!

Please join us live to hear the inside scoop about how Terry and I met, discussed our differences, and ultimately joined forces to promote liberty for Nevada riders!

Roaring for liberty,


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Monday, June 4, 2012

Motorcycle Monday with TRAVIS BARRICK, Esq. 5PM Pacific Time

Tonight, June 4, 2012, my guest is one of the top freedom fighting lawyers in the nation.  Not since Judge Napolitano, have constitutional lawyers emerged that GET IT.  Travis gets that our remaining civil liberties are in grave danger; that too many citizens are wrongly behind bars; that our nation has become a police state.

In a noble gesture to get back some liberties, Travis Barrick ran for Nevada State Attorney General in 2010 and lost against Harry Reid’s money machine.  But he gave the incumbent opponent a serious RUN FOR REID’S MONEY!

Travis donates much of his time and expertise to frequently over-looked causes, such as veterans and wrongly jailed inmates.

Another “signature” contribution has been to restore liberties to the motorcycle riding community.  Travis’ love of motorcycling runs deep through his DNA.  And while campaigning for office, he met a group of enthusiastic helmet-choice activists that are SICK OF NEVADA’S HELMET BONDAGE LAW!  Travis instantly “GOT” the bigger picture.  He said, “A helmet is a rabbit’s foot that takes the credit when a motorcyclist gets lucky.”  He GETS that helmet laws are about giving law enforcers probable cause to detain – not to save lives!

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear government there is tyranny.  When government fears the people there is justice.”  The work Travis and his associates have produced has changed the balance of power between motorcyclists and the legal system.  Police officers, prosecutors, judges, and State reps now tread lightly on motorcycle rights issues in Nevada.  And we can thank one heroic lawyer that has put on the line - his name, his reputation, his wealth, and his sacred honor - to promote liberty and justice in Nevada.

Tune in tonight at 5pm PACIFIC time to hear how Travis has completely changed the liberty landscape for motorcyclists in Nevada.

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Boulder City Blunder – Mr. Barrick represents a helmet-choice activist in court and puts the prosecution on the defense BIG TIME!  :

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guest Bill Buppert, Sunday June 3, 2012 6pm PACIFIC.

Bill is the founder of and a contributor to In my opinion, Bill was the best speaker at an Oath Keepers memorial to honor Jose Guerena, a young man that was wrongly murdered by SWAT in his Tucson, Arizona home in May 2011.
Bill will talk about his recent article, Just Go Away: Why the American Indian Needs to Leave the United States…Forever.  That article has ideas that are creative and compelling.  The article underscores Bill's out-of-the box critical thinking skills - a skill he advocates for all, and one he continues to refine for himself.

Bill will talk about his upcoming book scheduled for release this month; his appearance at this year's PorcFest in New Hampshire; and of course his take on the current state of the ever-increasing police state in the U.S.

Hope to see you on the chat.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Freedomizer Radio Show - 5/30/12 - 5pm PACIFIC Time

It’s WILD WEST WEDNESDAY on TigerLily’s Freedom ROAR.  Please join me tonight at 5pm PACIFIC time, 7pm CENTRAL on Freedomizer Radio.  Tune in online or call in to listen:  347-324-3704.  To learn to navigate the website, click here.

Today's topics:

The inhumanity of a Texas judge that put a straight-A student in jail for 24 hours. Her crime?  Missed too much school.  Check out what I found out.

The case of a New Mexico gun seller that was recently convicted for “gun trafficking.” Does he deserve the sentence he got?

War of words?  The U.S. lectures China their “inhumanity” for not allowing their citizens to bear arms.  But is the U.S. in a position to cast stones?  Practical Tactical Training LLC » China: Civilian Gun Ownership Is A Human Rights Violation.


Is it legal to warn traffic of cops ahead by flashing your lights?


Last, but certainly NOT LEAST, the newest high-profile lawsuit  against Sheriff Douglas ‘GESTAPO’ Gillespie’s CESSPOOL regime - in Las Vegas Metro PD, for one of the 12 innocent murdered victims n 2011 – Stanley Gibson.

Let’s make some predictions about how THIS lawsuit will unfold, using history as our guide.  (I covered this story when it first happened.  Check out the show yt promo for that show.)

Please join me tonight at 5pm PACIFIC time.

Upcoming guests:
Sunday, June 3, 2012 – Bill Buppert
Motorcycle Monday June 4, 2012 - Travis Barrick, Esq.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jose Guerena's Story - Sunday, May 27, 2012 @ 6pm Pacific Time

This time last year I was headed to a Memorial Service for Jose Guerena. 

I'll cover that horrific story tonight, Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 6pm Pacific time. 
I did not have the guts to contact Jose's wife to be my guest. I met Jose's family last year during an Oath Keepers event to memorialize Jose. This event was an awakening for my husband. Prior to knowing about Jose, my husband thought I was a "cute" little activist. But that day - one year ago - he saw with his own eyes the bullets that pierced through Jose's home by the SWAT dogs that murdered him in cold blood.
My husband finally GOT IT. He shed tears of compassion for the devastated wife and family that mourned their loved one. My husband that day understood that my "activism" is not about a stupid helmet law. It's about pushing back against our ever-increasing police state. 

Please join me tonight at 6PM pacific time on or call in to listen: 347-324-3704.